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The Elmer G Biddick Charitable Foundation, Inc. welcomes grant applications from organizations serving Iowa and Grant Counties of Wisconsin. All proposals that may contribute significantly to the welfare of the people of the communities in these counties will be given careful consideration.

1. As a foundation whose income is derived substantially from a business activity in Iowa and Grant Counties and neighboring areas, the Foundation has a commitment to the people of this area, and therefore gives priority to programs which give or promise substantial benefits to people of this area.

2. Grants are made to units of government and public schools and nonprofit organizations and institutions which are tax exempt under S 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code and are publicly supported.

3. Grants are not made to individuals. All grants for scholarships are given to educational institutions which have full responsibility for selecting individual recipients.

4. Grants are not usually made to religious organizations. Requests to support operating expenses of any organization will receive very low priority.

5. Grant applications for education and research in agriculture and forestry are of particular interest to the Foundation. However, the Foundation looks favorably upon projects that respond to overall community needs and priorities, and that do not duplicate existing services.


To facilitate fair and equitable consideration of proposals, a simple application form is used by the Foundation and applicants are asked to use the form for their proposals. A copy of each applicant’s IRS letter of determination should accompany the application. Grant applications are expected to include information in their requests having to do with program objectives, impact on the community, and alternative sources of funding. Application.

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